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The Freestyle Collection is a movement founded in the creativity of the Hip Hop culture that will establish fashion as the "Fifth Element of Hip Hop" ™. The Freestyle Collection is an urban apparel line that will dominate the fashion industry by bringing cutting edge designs that will set trends in the world of fashion.


The Definition of Freestyle


free \'frē\ adj, not subject to the control or domination of another; choosing or capable of choosing for itself; exempt from obligation; not bound, confined; not obstructed or impeded; not confined to a particular position; not restricted by or conforming to conventional forms; not subject to the rule or control of another

style \'stī(э)l\ n, mode of expressing thought; a manner of expression characteristic of an individual; a fashionable luxurious mode of life; overall excellence, skill or grace in appearance

free•style \'frē-¡stīl\ n, an article of clothing which represents a distinct style of choice instead of a specified style; to rock the mic!

Remember Fashion Is A Statement, If You Ain't Rockin' The Mic... What Are You Really Sayin?

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